Sonic Thriller

For your listening pleasure, here’s my latest single: Play Victim Remix!  

Play Victim Remix shines a floodlight on how villains love to play the victim. They draw you in by pleading for your help, pretend to be hurt, then turn around and do the unimaginable. We all have encountered one of these people in our lives.

This sonic thriller is climbing Spotify playlist (below) charts & does not disappoint.


Tell me; who’s playing the victim in your life?



Don’t have Spotify? No worries, listen on any platform here.

Cami on the Radio & at The Drake

The outpouring of love for CAMI Christmas & it’s live debut at the Drake last Saturday, December 8th, was mindblowing!  So much so, there are 2 spectacular updates to share with you.

Thrilled for you to be the 1st to know CAMI Christmas hit the radio airwaves last night, December 12th, on Chicago’s WHPK 88.5! I had a great time chatting & listening to my favorite songs from the album.

While some of you missed me at the Drake on Saturday, as you’re out of state or were turned away at the door (hit capacity at 10 pm), here’s more great news: CAMI Christmas returns to THE DRAKE this Friday, December 14th & the album is available on all digital platforms. Search CAMI Christmas on any platform: YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay or Spotify.

If you’re planning on coming out for some awesome holiday cheer please plan to arrive at 9 pm to nab a seat & cocktail on me! Don’t forget to wear your favorite holiday sweater or outfit.
Friday 12/14/18
9PM – 12:30AM
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Chicago, IL November 27, 2018 – CAMI GALLES has released her first holiday album, Cami Christmas, available now on all streaming and purchasing platforms. The Blues/Jazz/Pop album marks the first full-length release from Cami, and arrives just in time for the holiday season. With her sultry and tantalizing voice, Cami puts her own touch on such classics as “Santa Baby” and “Frosty the Snowman” and provides the perfect soundtrack for the most festive time of year.

Cami Christmas has both a glossy and cozy quality, an album at once intimate and towering. Cami’s silky vocals are the main attraction, and they dexterously weave in and out of Christmas songs you know and love. Each of the nine songs is gorgeously arranged for piano, brush drums, and stand-up bass, with horns making an appearance on a handful of the tracks. The Chicago-based artist imbues her music with magnetic energy and versatility, thanks to her outstanding and varied vocal performance. Cami’s lilting croon hypnotizes on ballads like “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, while “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” boasts a more operatic style reminiscent of her days touring Europe as a soprano. But just as you’ve cozied up to the fire and her enchanting voice, Cami surprises you— her spirited delivery on the blues version of “Winter Wonderland” is both whimsical and extremely alluring.

“I set out to make an album of classic Christmas songs, but with my own flare,” Cami explains. “These are songs that have meant a lot to me and to many of us as we’ve all grown up listening to them. It was wonderful to reimagine them in the studio and give them new life.”

Cami Christmas comes on the heels of her two previous singles, “Play Victim” and “Elevator”. Cami will celebrate the release of Cami Christmas with two shows at the Drake Hotel in Chicago on Saturday, December 8th and Friday, December 14th. Cami can be seen singing live at some of Chicago’s most iconic venues: Kingston Mines, Soho House, as well as Rosa’s Lounge.



CAMI CHRISTMAS pre-sale is happening! Order now on iTunes or Google Play and get the album for $7.99 + enter to win a free pair of Ray Ban sunglasses as a thank you for ordering early!  

Contest Rules:

  • Contest dates 12:00AM (CT) Nov.15, 2018 – 11:59PM Nov, 15, 2018
  • To be an eligible participant you must live in the 50 US continental states
  • A copy or screenshot of the receipt must be emailed to
  • Contestants must post on either Instagram or Facebook that they’ve pre-ordered CAMI CHRISTMAS, tag @CamiGalles in the post, must be following @CamiGalles on that platform and a screenshot of the post must be emailed to
  • One contest entry per person
  • Prize is one pair of Ray Ban sunglasses valued at $200 USD
  • Winner will be announced via Cami’s Instagram 11/19/18


Spreading Christmas cheer for all to hear has been my mantra since the tender age of four.
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The songs on the album represent wonderful Christmas memories that I cherish and revisit every Christmas.
  1. Let it Snow! – Snow always reminds me how beautiful our planet earth is 
  2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Health is a blessing & so are the people around the table
  3. Santa Baby – Favorite XMAS gift: 1966 electric green Mustang
  4. O Come, All Ye Faithfull – Coming together in grand celebration 
  5. Winter Wonderland – Our family cut a 19 ft tree from our backyard each year
  6. Silent Night – Holding a candle & singing in a dark cathedral always makes me feel the XMAS spirit
  7. Frosty the Snowman – My sisters used to make a snowman & toboggan through it 
  8. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Used to sleep under the tree every Christmas Eve & dance to this song before getting into my sleeping bag
  9. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing – My favorite song on the album & wish for the world (peace)

Cami LIVE at Eddie V’s

Enjoy an evening of music at Eddie V’s Lounge with CAMI & The Band.

Sunday, November 11th, 2018
6 PM – 10 PM

RSVP now to be added to CAMI’s VIP list.

Hope to see you there!



Boost Your Life with Classical Music

Music is an integral part of humanity’s evolution. Since the days of ‘hunting and gathering’ to today’s routine, it would be quite unusual to pass a day without coming into contact with music.

From homes to offices, and airports our ears pick up a plethora of music and tones that shape our brain waves, patterns, as well as mood. The genre and type of music scientifically proven to enhance our lives is classical music.

While boring to most, forgotten by some and beloved to few let’s review how classical music can play an improvement role in all our lives:

1. It Lowers Blood Pressure and Helps You Sleep: Researchers from Journal of Health Psychology in a study found that classical music can reduce a person’s blood pressure levels through a faster stress recovery by the heart. In fact, people with sleep disabilities could sleep better when they fell asleep to classical music as confirmed by yet another study.

2. It Makes People More Vulnerable Emotionally: You are more likely to be very open and emotionally vulnerable while writing or talking about “touchy” and emotional topics such as one’s significant experiences when a classical music is playing in the background, according to research.

3. It Relieves Pain and Anxiety: Classical music, and music in general, can relieve you of chronic pains and lessens depression according to this study. Not only that, a different study says classical music drastically reduces cortisol levels, thus reducing stress and anxiety.

4. Classical Music Improves Memory and Smartness: Want to be smarter? Learn from this study, where researchers found that it made students more receptive to information. Plus, your brain’s cognitive understanding can be enhanced by classical music.

5. It Boosts Productivity: The University of Maryland and the University of Pennsylvania Health System researchers found that playing baroque music in hospitals boosted both the productivity and accuracy of radiologists.

Before you switch on that new Drake album maybe give Beethoven a chance. You never know how much you can gain until you try.



Cami LIVE at The Drake Hotel

Join me for an evening of LIVE music at the Coq d’Or Lounge
The Drake Hotel
October 13th, 2018
9 PM – 1 AM

Coq d’Or opened it’s doors on New Year’s Eve in 1920 and is the second establishment in Chicago to obtain a liquor license. The Drake Hotel is one of Chicago’s most iconic locations. It has it’s very own whiskey and appeared in the Tom Cruise classic, Risky Business!

Want to be entertained? Kindly join me October 13th for a night of soulful sounds, uplifting live music and lots of smiles at Chicago’s most opulent historical landmark.

Hope to see you there!


Beats for the Babes

Did you know you were rocking out since in the womb? Before you were breathing fresh oxygen you could feel and respond to the universal language of music. The notion of music for babies, as well as fetuses, has been a topic of debate for years, so let’s review the facts our scientific friends have found and come to our own conclusions.

In a study by the Institut Marquès, fetuses were exposed to a couple if classic jams including “Bohemian Rhapsody” in which there were clear signs of mental stimulation in the womb. Additionally, unborn babies have been found to hear sounds outside the womb as young as 16 weeks old.

In another research at the International Association for Music and Medicine conference in Spain where 300 fetuses between the gestation period of 18 – 36 weeks were introduced to variety of songs via a special intravaginal speaker. Out of the 15 songs played to each fetus ranging from sonatas, traditional to pop music, researchers observed a movement of the mouth of fetuses, as a response to the brain stimulation by the music. However, how the fetuses respond largely depends on how simple the melody of the song is and the pitch of the sounds in the song. High-pitched songs were better at stimulating fetuses brains than low-pitched, high-tempo songs.

For instance, up to 91% of fetuses showed a movement of the mouth and sometimes sticking out of the tongue when songs such as “A Little Night Music” by Mozart and other similar songs were played compared to 60% or less recorded when songs from pop and rock music were played.

Additionally, a Pre- & Peri-Natal Psychology Journal study in 1997 showed that babies who had been exposed to some amount of music in prenatal stages developed better cognitive and language skills from birth to six months than their peers. In other later studies, babies were found to recognize the music they heard in the womb after up to 12 months after birth.

Summing up all the facts, data shows that playing your baby some beats improves cognitive development and helps create a lasting bond. Now, play that music baby!



How Artists Can Maximize Streaming Airplay

Are you dreaming of being Scrooge McDuck jumping into a mansion-sized vault of money made from your streaming royalties? While it will take a hot minute, as most streaming platforms pay a fraction of a penny (unless you’re Lenny or Madonna), these platforms should not be considered your bread and butter for income. Instead, view these friendly giants as marketing platforms with the potential to draw in big audiences, loyal fans, and money outside of streaming itself.

Let’s explore four ways you can maximize streaming airplay:

1. Craft an Engaging Artist Page

Your artist page should be more than a few sentences about your newest record. Give fans and followers a little more sizzle by adding in your bio, keyword phrases, and your website. Work to capture your reader’s’ attention with content that’s a step above the rest.

2. Link to Your Social Media

One of the most important things you MUST do when leveraging streaming platforms is to link to your social media. Include all of your social media pages, and if you don’t have social media setup now is most definitely the time to do it.

3. Use Your Artist Cover to Highlight Something Else

Instead of using a headshot or your latest album cover as your artist cover on streaming platforms, we recommend trying something else. For instance, you can use this space to feature new merchandise or a poster for an upcoming concert or tour.

4. Work to Have Your Music Featured

Getting your music featured begins with a rich artist page – no grammatical errors, unique, and engaging content. Of course, strategies like pre-orders and sales can help get you featured. Be active in the community and always stay active on social media to increase your odds of being featured.

Using these strategies will help you stack those stacks and make streaming platforms work harder for you! With so many streaming platforms out there, you’ve got a long list of money making opportunities that await.