Boost Your Life with Classical Music

Music is an integral part of humanity’s evolution. Since the days of ?hunting and gathering? to today’s routine, it would be quite unusual to pass a day without coming into contact with music.

From homes to offices, and airports our ears pick up a plethora of music and tones that shape our brain waves, patterns, as well as mood. The genre and type of music scientifically proven to enhance our lives is classical music.

While boring to most, forgotten by some and beloved to few let’s review how classical music can play an improvement role in all our lives:

1. It Lowers Blood Pressure and Helps You Sleep: Researchers from Journal of Health Psychology in a study found that classical music can reduce a person?s blood pressure levels through a faster stress recovery by the heart. In fact, people with sleep disabilities could sleep better when they fell asleep to classical music as confirmed by yet another study.

2. It Makes People More Vulnerable Emotionally: You are more likely to be very open and emotionally vulnerable while writing or talking about ?touchy? and emotional topics such as one?s significant experiences when a classical music is playing in the background, according to research.

3. It Relieves Pain and Anxiety: Classical music, and music in general, can relieve you of chronic pains and lessens depression according to this study. Not only that, a different study says classical music drastically reduces cortisol levels, thus reducing stress and anxiety.

4. Classical Music Improves Memory and Smartness: Want to be smarter? Learn from this study, where researchers found that it made students more receptive to information. Plus, your brain?s cognitive understanding can be enhanced by classical music.

5. It Boosts Productivity: The University of Maryland and the University of Pennsylvania Health System researchers found that playing baroque music in hospitals boosted both the productivity and accuracy of radiologists.

Before you switch on that new Drake album maybe give Beethoven a chance. You never know how much you can gain until you try.