How Artists Can Maximize Streaming Airplay

Are you dreaming of being Scrooge McDuck jumping into a mansion-sized vault of money made from your streaming royalties? While it will take a hot minute, as most streaming platforms pay a fraction of a penny (unless you?re Lenny or Madonna), these platforms should not be considered your bread and butter for income. Instead, view these friendly giants as marketing platforms with the potential to draw in big audiences, loyal fans, and money outside of streaming itself.

Let?s explore four ways you can maximize streaming airplay:

1. Craft an Engaging Artist Page

Your artist page should be more than a few sentences about your newest record. Give fans and followers a little more sizzle by adding in your bio, keyword phrases, and your website. Work to capture your reader’s? attention with content that?s a step above the rest.

2. Link to Your Social Media

One of the most important things you MUST do when leveraging streaming platforms is to link to your social media. Include all of your social media pages, and if you don?t have social media setup now is most definitely the time to do it.

3. Use Your Artist Cover to Highlight Something Else

Instead of using a headshot or your latest album cover as your artist cover on streaming platforms, we recommend trying something else. For instance, you can use this space to feature new merchandise or a poster for an upcoming concert or tour.

4. Work to Have Your Music Featured

Getting your music featured begins with a rich artist page – no grammatical errors, unique, and engaging content. Of course, strategies like pre-orders and sales can help get you featured. Be active in the community and always stay active on social media to increase your odds of being featured.

Using these strategies will help you stack those stacks and make streaming platforms work harder for you! With so many streaming platforms out there, you?ve got a long list of money making opportunities that await.